Searching for a Way to Secure Your Home?

Searching for a Way to Secure Your Home?

We're an authorized BRINKS retailer in Lubbock, Levelland, TX and the surrounding areas

You've looked into different home security systems and found that the BRINKS security system fits all your criteria.

With its customization, award-winning alarm response center and smartphone control feature, the BRINKS security system is a superior choice to protect your family.

24 Seven Security is an authorized BRINKS retailer that creates personalized packages to secure homes and businesses around Lubbock, Levelland, and the surournding areas.

Contact us now to try out the BRINKS security equipment free for 90 days.

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Why choose BRINKS?

During your research into home security systems, you've come across BRINKS Home Security. With over 1 million customers, this security company is well-known and trusted across the United States.

People choose a BRINKS security system because it:
  • Runs as a wireless system
  • Works throughout power and internet outages
  • Moves with you to a new home
  • Notifies your emergency contact list when the alarm goes off
To create a customized system for your Lubbock, TX home, call us today. As an authorized BRINKS retailer, we'll guide you to the best option to protect your family.