Residential Security Systems

Protect your home or office from burglars and unwanted guests.

Our home security company offers security systems, home alarm systems, access control systems, and more!

A security technician installing a home security system in Lubbock, TX

Residential Surveillance Cameras

Keep tabs on your property with a high-quality camera security system.

A video surveillance system in front of a Lubbock, TX business

Access Control Systems

Know who's coming in and out of your office.

A business that uses fob keys for access control into the Lubbock, TX building


Get answers to your burning questions about property surveillance and security.


You Deserve to Feel Safe in Your Own Home

Install a high-quality home security system in Lubbock, Levelland, TX or the surrounding areas

You’ve worked hard to make your home look just right. Shouldn’t you put the same effort into keeping it safe? Fortunately, the security experts at 24 Seven Security make it easier than ever to protect your personal property. We install high-quality home security systems in Lubbock, Levelland TX and the surrounding areas.

Reach out to your local home security company with 24 Seven Security now to make your home as safe as possible. Install a top of the line home security system today!

Keep your office safe, too

Alarm Systems in Lubbock, Levelland, TX and the surrounding areas

24 Seven Security works with homeowners in Lubbock and Levelland, TX  but we can also install Brink's security equipment at residences in the surrounding area. We offer free estimates and zero-down installations for surveillance camera installations, access control system installation & more!

Discuss your security system and surveillance needs today with a security system pro at 24 Seven Security. We carry Brink's security systems.

5 tips for protecting your home or office in Lubbock, Levelland TX and the surrounding areas

The experts at 24 Seven Security live and breathe safety. Here are five tips from our residential security team to help you keep your family and employees safe:


  1. Place security cameras in your parking lot or driveway to deter crime.
  2. Install a security system that will alarm you of any kind of break in.
  3. Install a carbon monoxide detector to keep you safe from dangerous gases.
  4. Set up an alarm system for your home or office in Lubbock, Levelland, Texas and the surrounding areas.
  5. Install a private access control system for private rooms or offices.
  6. Add sensors to your doors and windows to prevent breaking and entering.



It’s never too early to protect your property. Call 806-722-2600 right now for more information about our commitment to your safety and Brink's security equipment.


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